Volume 17 Issue 4.2 May 2021

| May 10, 2021

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  1. Seham Elashhab
    Scrutinizing Saudi EFL Teachers’ Cognitions About Online Teaching to Tide Over COVID-19
  2. Sohaib Alam, Basem Okleh Salameh Al-Hawamdeh, Muhammad Usman Ghani and Muhammed Salim Keezhatta
    Strategy of Improvising Drama in Education: Praxis of Pedagogy in EFL/ESL Context
  3. Freddie R. Cabrera
    Knowledge, Practices and Observations in the Outcomes-Based Education Implementation and Standards
  4. Ayesha Asad, Muhammad Usman Ghani and Fakhira Riaz
    Improving English Language Receptive Skills through Mobile Assisted Language Learning: Perceptions and Practices of Undergraduate Students
  5. Muhammad Umer, Iftikhar Alam and Akhter Habib Shah
    Squandering Formative Assessment: Quality Issues in English Language Teaching
  6. Matronillo M. Martin and Anne Marie D. Pahiwon
    The Implementation of Students Affairs Services of Ifugao State University-Potia Campus: A Formative Evaluation
  7. Mulyanto and Ahmad Heky Sujatmiko
    Factors Affecting the Indonesian EFL Students’ Willingness to Communicate
  8. Eman Alamaren, Tengku Sepora and Shaidatul Akma Kasuma
    Analysis of Arabic–English Code-Mixing Within NP: Equivalence Model
  9. Thouraya Snoussi and Wassim Korbi
    Cyber anti-Hate speech during the Covid-19 pandemic: Semiotic Analysis
  10. Munagala Madhu Sudhan Rao, Mohammad Rumzi Tausif, Mohammad Rezaul Karim and Challa VenkataLakshmi
    Metacognition for Developing Reading Skills in a Saudi Arabian University
  11. Mahmood Kadir Ibrahim
    The Effect of Computer-Mediated Corrective Feedback in Improving IELTS Students’ Writing Skills
  12. Prudhvi Raju Duddu and Muhammad Usman Ghani
    Establishing Saudi English Through Multi-Dimensional Analysis: A Corpus-Based Study of Saudi English
  13. Marlon R. Lipa
    Women in School Administration: Implications to Gender Communication and Discourse
  14. Ana Perla B. De Guzman
    Coordinating Language Use in Junior High School Math Instruction: Framework for Math Self-Learning Module Evaluation
  15. Presley V. de Vera
    Organizational Change Management of Local Government Units During Covid Crisis: A Descriptive Analysis of New Normal Organizational Communication Practices
  16. Bahia Zemni and Mashael Almutairi
    Linguistics Issues in the Qur’ān Translation: A Study of Synonymy and Polysemy with Special Reference to Yaqdhi and Yafsil (Judge)
  17. Anas Hamed Almuhammadi
    Investigating the Professional Development of College Teachers towards Using Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) to Teach English: A Study of Saudi Classroom Context

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