Volume 17 Issue 4.2 May 2021

| May 10, 2021

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  1. Seham Elashhab
    Scrutinizing Saudi EFL Teachers’ Cognitions About Online Teaching to Tide Over COVID-19
  2. Sohaib Alam, Basem Okleh Salameh Al-Hawamdeh, Muhammad Usman Ghani and Muhammed Salim Keezhatta
    Strategy of Improvising Drama in Education: Praxis of Pedagogy in EFL/ESL Context
  3. Freddie R. Cabrera
    Knowledge, Practices and Observations in the Outcomes-Based Education Implementation and Standards
  4. Ayesha Asad, Muhammad Usman Ghani and Fakhira Riaz
    Improving English Language Receptive Skills through Mobile Assisted Language Learning: Perceptions and Practices of Undergraduate Students
  5. Muhammad Umer, Iftikhar Alam and Akhter Habib Shah
    Squandering Formative Assessment: Quality Issues in English Language Teaching
  6. Matronillo M. Martin and Anne Marie D. Pahiwon
    The Implementation of Students Affairs Services of Ifugao State University-Potia Campus: A Formative Evaluation
  7. Mulyanto and Ahmad Heky Sujatmiko
    Factors Affecting the Indonesian EFL Students’ Willingness to Communicate
  8. Eman Alamaren, Tengku Sepora and Shaidatul Akma Kasuma
    Analysis of Arabic–English Code-Mixing Within NP: Equivalence Model
  9. Thouraya Snoussi and Wassim Korbi
    Cyber anti-Hate speech during the Covid-19 pandemic: Semiotic Analysis
  10. Munagala Madhu Sudhan Rao, Mohammad Rumzi Tausif, Mohammad Rezaul Karim and Challa VenkataLakshmi
    Metacognition for Developing Reading Skills in a Saudi Arabian University
  11. Mahmood Kadir Ibrahim
    The Effect of Computer-Mediated Corrective Feedback in Improving IELTS Students’ Writing Skills
  12. Prudhvi Raju Duddu and Muhammad Usman Ghani
    Establishing Saudi English Through Multi-Dimensional Analysis: A Corpus-Based Study of Saudi English
  13. Marlon R. Lipa
    Women in School Administration: Implications to Gender Communication and Discourse
  14. Ana Perla B. De Guzman
    Coordinating Language Use in Junior High School Math Instruction: Framework for Math Self-Learning Module Evaluation
  15. Presley V. de Vera
    Organizational Change Management of Local Government Units During Covid Crisis: A Descriptive Analysis of New Normal Organizational Communication Practices
  16. Bahia Zemni and Mashael Almutairi
    Linguistics Issues in the Qur’ān Translation: A Study of Synonymy and Polysemy with Special Reference to Yaqdhi and Yafsil (Judge)
  17. Berhana Ignacio- Flores
    Accredited Bilingual Teacher Education Programs of State Universities and Colleges in Region IX: Status, Challenges and Approaches for Sustainability
  18. Anas Hamed Almuhammadi
    Investigating the Professional Development of College Teachers towards Using Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) to Teach English: A Study of Saudi Classroom Context

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