Volume 14 Issue 5 October 2018

| October 1, 2018

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  1. Ramon Medriano, Jr.
  2. Tong Mei Ling / Melor Md Yunus
    Idiom Maniac: A Tool to Foster Idiom Learning among ESL Learners
  3. Desak Gede Chandra Widayanthi
    “Bimbel” as an Educational Trend in Indonesia
  4. Fadilla Oktaviana
    Comparison of Translation Result from Google-Translator and Bing-Translator (Error Analysis of Translation Result from Indonesian Text into English Text)
  5. Jovila De Vera / Presley De Vera
    Oral Communication Skills in English among Grade 11 Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) Students
  6. Khusnul Khotimah
    Video Project in ESP Classroom: A Way to Promote Autonomous Learning in a Big Class
  7. Mozes Kurniawan / Radius Tanone
    Mobile Learning in TESOL: A Golden Bridge for Enhancement of Grammar Awareness and Vocabulary Mastery?
  8. Nurhuda Mohamad Nazri / Melor Md Yunus / Diyanatul Mardhiah Abdul Shukor
    The Effectiveness of using Mindomo as a Pre-Writing Tool in Improving Writing Scores among ESL students
  9. Mario Ritchie O. Hibionada
    Philippines’ Region IX Criminal Justice Education with a Forensic Linguistics Focus: Condition and Prognosis


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