Volume 1 Issue 3 December 2005

| December 1, 2005

December 2005 Volume 1 Issue 3 Academic articles Patil, Z.N. Oral Presentation Skills for Prospective Business Executives Kelly, J. China: Business English: – A new wave Robertson, P. How to Become a Flight Attendant in Korea: English Skills Williams, R. Doing Business in Korea and Japan NIKIYOMA Infotech Private Limited Company review

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Volume 1 Issue 2 September 2005

| September 1, 2005

September 2005 Volume 1 Issue 2 Academic articles Ming Nuan Yang. Nursing Pre-Professionals Medical Terminology Learning Strategies Peter Dash. Canada, Venezuela of the North Chi-yu Chang. How American Culture Correlates the Process of Globalization Esmat Babaii & Hasan Ansary. The Discourse Structure of and Sociopolitical Strictures on TV Commercials Meiling Wang & Sirkku Aaltonen. Sino-Finnish E-Mail […]

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Volume 1 Issue 1 June 2005

| July 1, 2005

June 2005 Volume 1 Issue 1 IFG Asia Time Taylor International Ltd Korean Labor Law – Analysis of a failed legislation

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