Volume 4 Issue 2 August 2008

| August 1, 2008

August 2008
Volume 4 Issue 2

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Foreword by Tatiana Slobodina

  1. Damian Rivers. – English as an International Business Language (EIBL): The need for an increase in theoretical and practical research focusing on written business communications across cultural boundaries in relation to multinational corporate language selection.
  2. Julian Gimenez. – Academic Writing in Nursing: Genres, Marking Criteria and  Course Design
  3. David Dalton. – The Foreign Language Engineering Writer  – What Makes a Readable Memo Report?
  4. Davud Kuhi. – An Analysis of the Move Structure of Textbook Prefaces
  5. Ya-fen Lo and Chuen-maan Sheu. – The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an English Tour Guide Project


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