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| June 3, 2005

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Time Taylor International Ltd

a) Who is Time Taylor International Ltd?
Time Taylor International Ltd is a duly registered company run by former International lawyers and academics who have combined to establish business schools, law schools, second language schools or English villages across the Asia Pacific region. Recently three major Journals have been purchased.

b) Where is the Head Office?
In the British Virgin Islands.

c) What is your URL and contact e-mail?
ceo@time-taylor.com www.time-taylor.com

d) What advice do you have for Businesses coming to Asia?
Doing the preliminary research is essential to good business relations in Asia. Knowing the local culture is a basic necessity – knowing the fundamental differences between neighbors in Asia is also very important -then clearly understanding the laws of the jurisdiction you are governed by – this should also govern where you prefer to do business.

Asia is filled with with long history – going back 5000 years – wars, occupations, divided countries feature in the Asian Pacific zone. Knowing your history – who has had problems with who – who works well with who – is vitally important. What works in Japan for example, may fail in Korea. Applying business knowledge gained in Korea and applying it in Japan will fail.

e) How can your firm help Ex Pats and Business’s in Asia
Asia is undergoing globalization at differing speeds. This phenomenon necessitates the English language to be taught – from basic English to English for specific Purposes – Law schools, Airline Stewardess schools, Nursing English, are but some areas Time Taylor has established schools in. Time Taylor has been instrumental in setting up Law schools across Asia where instruction is in English. Law knows no boundaries, and as globalization demands that legal processes be carried out in English, such is the demand for law students trained in Legal English.

Time Taylor is not an employer of ex pats who teach English – though our company gives the guidelines for the high standard of applicants that are expected to teach in schools established by Time Taylor. The era of the backpacking teacher, though still prevalent in Korea and China, is rapidly ending. Time Taylor is working closely with governments in Asia to standardize their qualifications for professional teachers.

f) What are the pitfalls of doing business in Asia?
Obviously Asian legal systems are clearly an issue the wise business person needs to look to. Korea and China still suffer from some corruption. This needs to be policed with greater vigor. Korean Labor relations are known world wide. The image of Koreans with red head bands demonstrating noisily permeate the country every April and May. The written contract is something that some countries pay lip service to. Clearly having watertight contracts that cannot be ignored in your business Jurisdiction can be critical.

g) What is the Economic Future for Foreign Business in Asia?
Many companies are looking to China – Korea is establishing Free Economic Zones to attract business, but yet still have someway to make the move attractive – regulations that are not favorable are a barrier to seriously considering setting up there at this stage. Countries to watch are Vietnam and Cambodia for a good place to set up business.

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