May 2010 Special Edition – 2009 Conference Proceedings – Chonqing University, China

| May 1, 2010

May 2010
Special Edition
2009 Conference Proceedings
Chonqing University China

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  1. Foreword. By Dr. Paul Robertson and Prof. Roger Nunn
  2. Ping Huang. Where are we ESP Practitioners?– A Report of the First International Conference “ESP in Asia.”
  3. Nunn, Roger. Aspects of a Model for Analyzing Competent Academic Texts in ESP
  4. Cheng, Winnie. Using a Specialised Corpus of Engineering English for ESP Practice
  5. Lin Wei. Specifying Context: A Way to Decoding Legal Language
  6. Qixuan Zhang. Content-based Instruction in the English for   Music Education classroom
  7. Christian Anthony C. Agutaya and Jesse T. Zamora. English Language  Proficiency of Agricultural Students in Mindoro State College of  Agriculture and Technology (MinSCAT), Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
  8. Huang Ping  and Shen Yan. The Integrated Theory Study on Module Structure Annotation of Texts in Academic Genre
  9. Yan Xiaorong and  Zhai Lili. The Application of Communicative Approach in Business English Teaching
  10. Huang Yunlin and Song Yanping. An Experimental Study on Different  Employment Interviews of State-Owned Enterprises and Foreign  Enterprises — from the Perspective of Hofstede’s Four Cultural Dimensions
  11. Huang Ping and He Lingli. Contrastive Genre Analysis of Research Methods  in English and Chinese experimental Research Articles
  12. Wang Qiaoshan. The Evaluation of Computer English Coursebooks
  13. Han Huabing. On the Methodology Employed in ESP Teaching  Under Register Theory
  14. Yingchun Li. Challenges and Opportunities for ESP Education Today
  15. Jiang Shujuan.  Research on the Metaphorical Quality of Science English Words
  16. Julan Feng. A Study on ESP Teacher Education Models in Chinese Context
  17. Kwannin Kuo.  A Content-based Teaching Module Designed for a Course of  English for Science and Technology
  18. Chen Jun and Li Xiaomei.  The application of Concentrating Chunks Strategy in English Vocabulary Teaching at Vocational School
  19. Supardi. Pragmatics for EFL Learners to Choose the Appropriate Meaning of  the Word from Dictionary:  A Constraint Faced by Law Students of Jember University
  20. Liu Peipei. Analyses of Necessity and Feasibility on Test of English for  Machinery Engineering
  21. Liao Rongxia and Chen Min. How to Write a Biomedical Research Paper
  22. Yuan Yaowei  Mo Zaishu. A Survey of Research Papers in the Asian ESj
  23. Ruijun Zhang. Translation of Medical Research Paper Titles from Chinese into English Based on Corpus Linguist

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