Volume 14 Issue 1 June 2018

| June 20, 2018

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  1. Roger Nunn & David Young
  2. G. Benjamin White
    First-Person Pronoun Use in Abstracts: Asian Doctorate Students versus SSCI Journal Writers
  3. Mark Wyatt, Asli Hassan, Alliya Anderson, and David Young
    Supporting First-Year Undergraduate Emirati Engineers in Reading in English for Science
  4. Gregory L. Friedman
    From Authentic Input to Authentic Output: Assessing the Real World Potential of ESP Tourism Student Writing
  5. Zeinab Abdollahpour and Javad Gholami
    Building Blocks of Medical Abstracts: Frequency, Functions and Structures of Lexical Bundles
  6. Masoomeh Estaji and Hoda Salimi
    The Application of Wiki-Mediated Collaborative Writing as a Pedagogical Tool to Promote ESP Learners’ Writing Performance
  7. Mohammed Qurait and Paul Kebble
    Investigating Saudi Medical Students’ Attitudes towards English-Arabic Code-Switching in Classroom Activities
  8. Soo Hyun Koo and Min-Chang Sung
    Customized EAP Program for Novice Researchers in Engineering: Focus on Progress in Use of Cohesive Devices
  9. Zohreh Gooniband Shooshtari, Somaye Biparva Haghighi, and Reid Bates
    The Catalysts and Barriers of Learning Transfer in ESAP Writing Programs: Assessing Learner’s Perceptions via the LTSI
  10. Mahnaz Mostafaei Alaei, Maedeh Hosseinpoor, and Hasneh Gorjipour
    Exploring English as an Academic Lingua Franca: Insights from Iranian Non-native English Speaking Applied Linguistics Journal Editors and Reviewers
  11. Zheng Yaofei
    A Systemic Ideational Analysis of Pharmaceutical Research Article Abstract
  12. Bernie Chun Nam MAK
    Reconstructing the EMI environment: The space for Chinese in English courses in sub-degree programs in Hong Kong
  13. Olga Kopiatina
    Teaching English to Geologists: Developing a Good Syllabus
  14. Yukiko Ohashi, Noriaki Katagiri, Katsutoshi Oka
    Regular Expressions and Annotation Design for ESP Corpus Compilation – Compilation of Veterinary Nursing Medical Chart Corpus.
  15. Sunarlia Limbong
    The Influence of Lecturer’s Pedagogic and Professional Competences on Students’ Writing Proficiency at Maritime Education and Training
  16. Cris Delatado Barabas
    Rhetorical Moves and the Functional Constituent of Process in Higher Education Institutions’ Promotional Materials
  17. Nhung, Nguyen Thi Hong
    English for Specific Purposes Modules in Listening and Speaking for Dentistry students
  18. Huei-Chun Teng, Ph.D.
    A Study of Peer Assessment for EFL Academic Oral Presentations
  19. Karmila Machmud
    Technology-Integrated ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructions: The Engineering Students’ Perspectives


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