Volume 14 Issue 7.2 December 2018

| December 25, 2018

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  1. Ramon Medriano, Jr.
  2. Randy Joy Magno Ventayen and Caren Casama Orlanda-Ventayen
    Graduate Students’ Perspective on the Usability of Grammarly® in one ASEAN State University
  3. Shella D. Dela Cruz
    Code-Switching Patterns and Functions in Philippine Literature
  4. Rio Averil Carmen-Pamittan and Conchita Malenab-Temporal
    Language Pedagogical Styles in Technical-Vocational Education
  5. Muhammad Arham and Andi Hudriati Akrab
    Delving into Content Lecturers’ Teaching Capability in Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at an Indonesian University
  6. Vu Ngoc Tung
    The Integration of Reflection to Develop Teacher Agency in a Context of Current English Language and Current English Teaching at the Vietnamese Local Law Firm
  7. Christopher Jovido Cocal and Irene De Vera
    Challenges and Strategies on Paper Publication to International Indexed Journals by Filipino Academic Researchers
  8. Anna Louisa Perez and Ericson Alieto
    Change of “Tongue” from English to a Local Language: A correlation of Mother Tongue Proficiency and Mathematics Achievement
  9. Ariane Milagrosa Pantaleon
    A Corpus-Based Analysis of “For Example” and “For Instance”
  10. Sahraini and Syamsudarni
    Helping Islamic Higher Education Students Learn Listening Skills by Using Video-cast
  11. Harwati Hashim, Melor Md. Yunus and Mohamed Amin Embi
    Factors Influencing Polytechnic English as Second Language (ESL) Learners’ Attitude and Intention for Using Mobile Learning
  12. M. Sarpparaje, Dr. V.R. Jeyasala, Dr. K. Rathiga and Dr. K. Sasirekha
    Flipped Classroom Approach to make the Best Utilization of ESL Classes at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College – A Try Out
  13. Dr.K.Sasirekha, Dr. K.Rathiga, Ms. M. Sarpparaje and Mr. G.S.Suresh
    English Language Pedagogy for Engineering Students through Domain Specific Literature – Classroom Experiments and Experience
  14. Tran Thi Thu Huong
    English Language Needs in Listening and Speaking Skill of Police Officers in Vietnam: Basis for ESP Syllabus Design
  15. Rebekka Eckhaus
    Supporting the adoption of business case studies in ESP instruction through technology
  16. Mr. Josemari V. Cordova and Asst. Prof. Thawascha Dechsubha
    Using Moodle in Improving Listening Abilities in English for Specific Purposes of Vongchavalitkul University Students
  17. Panushkina Tatyana and Ilintseva Anna
    Teaching in Multicultural Classrooms: Challenges and Opportunities for FEFU ESP Students
  18. Boyet L. Batang, Vanessa Joy Dayag – Vecaldo, Ramon Medriano, Jr.
    Conversational Topic Preferences, Taboo Words and Euphemisms Used by ESL Philippine Male and Female Students


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