Volume 17 Issue 1 February 2021

| February 24, 2021

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           Paul Robertson

  1. Tetyana Tarnavska, Nataliia Glushanytsia, Natalia Bilous, Larysa Lyashenko, Kateryna Palamarchuk
    English for Aviation Safety: Language Training Methodology
  2. Fahd Alalwi
    Attitudes of Saudi Common First Year Students Towards English as a Foreign Language
  3. Latifa Ika Sari, Abdurrachman Faridi, Dwi Rukmini, Januarius Mujiyanto
    Identifying Social Practices and the Use of English in the Port and Shipping Management Community: A Need Analysis from the Social-semiotic Perspective
  4. Nasser Alasmari, Najah Y. Sultan
    Reading Difficulties and Influential Factors Faced by Saudi Tertiary Learners

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