Volume 17 Issue 5 June 2021

| June 1, 2021

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  1. Roger Nunn, David Young, & Tanju Deveci
  2. Philip M. McCarthy, Ayah Al-harthy, Rachel Hall Buck, Khawlah Ahmed, Anuja M. Thomas, Noor W. Kaddoura, Nicholas D. Duran, & Arthur C. Graesser
    Introducing Auto-Peer: A Computational Tool Designed to Provide Automated Feedback for L2 Writers
  3. Lucas Kohnke
    L2 Learners’ Perceptions of a Comic Strip in an ESP Classroom
  4. Olga Stognieva & David Connolly
    More Than Just Listening: TED Talks for Teaching Business English to Russian University Students
  5. Ming-Nuan Yang & Chien-Ling Chiang
    An Exploratory Study on Establishing an Academic Word List for Food and Nutrition Graduate Students
  6. Shi Wenjie
    ESP Instruction and Evaluation: A Case of Business English for Master Programs in China
  7. Fern Sakamoto, Sean H. Toland, & Tony Cripps
    Designing an Effective EAP Course: A PBL Approach
  8. Fuertes L. Narcisa, Escudero O. Isabel, Armijos Jacqueline, & Loaiza D. Esteban
    EFL-Taxi Drivers’ Interaction: Boosting Listening Comprehension and Oral Communication in the Tourist Field Using TBL and ESP
  9. Thi Ngoc Phuong LE & Minh Man PHAM
    Discussing Findings in Applied Linguistics and Mechanical Engineering Research Papers: A Data-Driven Analysis of Linguistic Characterisations
  10. Wutthiphong Laoriandee
    Towards a Balanced Curriculum: A Needs Analysis of Content Topics and Field Trips for English for Tourism
  11. Afef Ahmed Gasmi
    The Impact of Flipping on Students’ Behavioural, Emotional, Cognitive and Agentic Engagement in Academic Writing Skills

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