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Welcome to the Asian English for Specific Purposes Journal.

The Journal studies the structure and development of English across the globe, and in particular, its relationship to the special and specific purposes of English. The Asian ESP Journal is peer reviewed with multiple layers of editorial reviews. The Asian ESP Journal is the leading ESP journal across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Topics such as the following may be treated from the perspective of English for Specific Purposes: second language acquisition in specialized contexts, occupational needs assessment, ESP curriculum development and evaluation for growing areas of ESP such as:-

  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • English for Strategic Purposes
  • English for Financial Purposes
  • Discourse analysis
  • Business English
  • Nursing English
  • Flight Attendant English
  • Hotel Industry English
  • Global EIL English
  • Legal English
  • Research-in-Progress
  • Tourism English

We also invite works on ESP materials’ preparation, teaching and testing techniques, the effectiveness of various approaches to language learning within the ESP context, and teaching of ESP within the culture of the learning zone. The journal welcomes articles that identify aspects of ESP that are both growing and needing growth development, as well as areas into which the practice of ESP is being expanded.

Current Issue

Volume 12 Issue 3 December 2016

Volume 12 Issue 3 December 2016

In this edition of The Asian ESP Journal, we are happy to present another varied set of studies in the Asian context. At The Asian ESP Journal, we are keen to publish well-researched studies that make a difference. This may be in the local context but it is also very important that a study has some resonance beyond the local context that is translatable to other setting.

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