Volume 16 Issue 1.2 February 2020

| March 5, 2020

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  1. Byron B. Go Silk, Ramon S. Medriano, Jr., Sonny Boy C. Dela Cruz, Jerry James C. Deran, Ericson O. Alieto, Marites M. Abdon, Richard M. Rillo and Irene Rochelle G. Lucas
    Cognition toward the Mother Tongue, Attitude toward English, Chavacano, and Filipino: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach with Bootstrap Analysis
  2. Nidia Sofa and Sari Puspita Dewi
    English Language Learning at Language Education and Training Centre of Ministry of Defense An Ethnographic Study at English Intensive Course LXXXVI-Intermediate Level
  3. Mohammad Hamzah Alshehab
    The Ability of Microsoft Machine in Translating the Holy Quranic Verses Into English, and the Committed Semantic Errors
  4. Nor Hafizah Adnan, Helmi Norman and Norazah Mohd Nordin
    Instructor-generated Hand-drawn 2D Animations for ESL Vocabulary Learning in Secondary Education
  5. Amal Riyadh Kitishat and Murad Al Kayed
    Political Repression in Arabic Theatre: A Case Study of Egyptian Theatre
  6. Abdul Hakim Yassi
    Effective Numbers of Small Group Work Members in Improving Learners’ Grammar and Speaking Competence in English Grammar Classrooms: Interactive Vs Conventional Teaching Method
  7. Salmeen Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Awaid
    EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and their Instructional Practices Regarding Vocabulary Learning Strategies
  8. Saraka
    Teaching Entrepreneurship of English Language to EFL Students in Indonesia: A case of Mulawarman University, Samarinda Indonesia
  9. Yaseen Alzeebaree and Idrees Ali Hasan
    What makes an effective EFL teacher: High School Students’ Perceptions
  10. Imroatus Solikhah
    Teacher Beliefs About the 2013 Curriculum Reform in English Lesson for Secondary School in Indonesia
  11. Naimah Al-Ghamdi and Yasser Alrefaee
    The Role of Social Status in the Realization of Refusal Speech Act: A Cross-Cultural Study
  12. Helmi Norman, Norazah Nordin and Harwati Hashim
    3D Animation Productions in MOOCs for ESP In-Service Teachers
  13. Mohamad Jazeri, Sukarsono and Susanto
    Interlanguage Pragmatics: Politeness Strategy of Apology by Thai Learners in “Indonesian Learning Program for Foreign Speakers”
  14. Susanto
    Is Intercultural Awareness reflected in the classroom? Voices from International Conference for EFL Teachers
  15. Suhartono
    Implications of academic interactions in the graduate thesis exam context in Indonesia university


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