Volume 5 Issue 2 August 2009

| August 1, 2009

August 2009
Volume 5 Issue 2

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Foreword by Winnie Cheng

  1. Philippa Mungra. Conceptual Metaphors in Academic Medical Research Articles
  2. Md. Momtazur Rahman, Thang Siew Ming, Mohd Sallehhundin Abd Aziz, & Norizan Abdul Razak. Needs Analysis for Developing an ESP Writing Course for Foreign Postgraduates in Science and Technology at National University of Malaysia
  3. Mark Brierley & Jonathon Adams. Simultaneous Group Presentations
  4. Khaled Jebahi. Using a Commercially Developed ESP Textbook: A Classroom Dilemma
  5. Ebrahim Zangani. The ESP Textbook Problem: The evaluation of ESP textbooks in Humanities in the Undergraduate Program of Iranian Universities
  6. Hesamoddin Shahriari Ahmadi. A Comparison of Genre: Biological Science Research Article Abstracts by Iranian and Native English-Speaking Scholars


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