October 2013

| October 1, 2013

October 2013 
Special Edition
Volume 9 Issue 2
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  1. Foreword. Professor Winnie Cheng
  2. Laurence Anthony and Mark Bowen. The Language of Mathematics: A Corpus-based Analysis of Research Article Writing in a Neglected Field.
  3. Yuyang Cai. Validating a Scale Measuring Strategic Competence in ESP Reading Test Context: An Application of Bifactor-MGRM
  4. Yuqin Hei, Wen Guo, and Yufen Hei. ‘This paper thinks…’/‘I argue…’: English and Chinese Author Identities in Linguistics Conference Abstracts
  5. Ling Lin. The Use of Reporting Verbs in Mechanical Engineering Articles:A Cross-generic Study
  6. Jane Lockwood. English for (Very) Specific Business Purposes: A Pedagogical Framework
  7. Andy Seto. Speech Acts Annotation for Business Meetings
  8. Min Zhang. A Corpus-based Comparative Study of Semi-technical and Technical Vocabulary

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