Volume 11 Issue 2 December 2015

| December 1, 2015


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  1. Roger Nunn & Colin Toms. Foreword
  2. Pi-Hsia Lü, D. Victoria Rau & Yu-Fang Wang. Secretarial Needs in a Bicultural Academic Office
  3. Yan Wang. A Hypermodal Analysis of “Care” in Healthcare Communication
  4. Ian Done D. Ramos. Error, Register, Grammatical-Rhetorical, and Genre Analyses on Nursing Students’ Case Studies and Thesis Proposals
  5. Abbas Mehrabi Boshrabadi, Reza Biria & Elham Nikbakht. Critical Evaluation of Lexical Categories in ESP Textbooks Used for Iranian Dentistry Students: The Gap between Perceived and Real Needs
  6. Cui Zheng. A Comparative Analysis of the English Writing Ability of Chinese and Korean University Students
  7. Clay Williams. Japanese L2 English Word Recognition Processes: Decoding Sound vs. Shape
  8. Abbas Monfared & Mohammad Meisam Safarzadeh. Where the Difference Lies: British and Iranian rhetorical choices in English business request letters

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