Volume 12 Issue 2 September 2016

| September 6, 2016


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  1. Haiying Feng & Ya Sun
  2. Roger Nunn, Caroline Brandt & Tanju Deveci
    Project-Based Learning as a Holistic Learning Framework: Integrating 10 Principles of Critical Reasoning and Argumentation
  3. Tanju Deveci & Roger Nunn
    Development in Freshman Engineering Students’ Emotional Intelligence in Project-based Courses
  4. Huiqin Zhang & Lily Ye
    English Teaching Reform and Practice in an Arts University in China: Meeting the Needs of Diverse English Learners
  5. Yu-ju Hung & Robert L. Good
    English Textbook Use in Discipline-Specific Courses: A Survey of University Freshmen in Taiwan
  6. Shamala Paramasivam & Muhamad Izzat bin Rahim
    Genre Analysis of Job Application Letters in Malaysia
  7. Jing Liu & Liming Deng
    A Genre Analysis of Web-based Crowdfunding Discourse

Category: 2016