Volume 16 Issue 4 July 2020

| July 18, 2020

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  1. Hussien Mohamad Alakrash and Norizan Abdul Razak
    Redesigning the English Classroom Towards Fourth Industrial Revolution, Are the Students Motivated?
  2. Muhammad Gilar Yudha Pratama and Saroh Fitriani
    The Perception of Teachers and Students on the Use of Content-Based Instruction in Teaching Speaking at P4M Mataram
  3. Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal
    Teaching Preparatory School Students in KSA Through Rhymes: An Experimental Study
  4. Afreen Faiyaz Al Haq
    Spoken English Skills and Saudi EFL Undergraduates: A Case Study
  5. Valentina Kurmanbekova, Hojong Jang, Ulyana Kim and Gulnaz Kairkenova
    Interpretation of the Concept of Life in Korean and Russian Explanatory Dictionaries
  6. Fahad Saleh Suleiman Alfallaj
    Technology in Saudi EFL Undergraduate Classrooms: Learning Tool or Weapon of Distraction?
  7. Saleh Alharthi
    Gender Perception of Euphemism Expressions: A Study of Saudi ESL Sojourners
  8. Hind Tasheen Hameed
    Oxymoron in Day-to-Day Speech
  9. Tribhuwan Kumar
    Assessing language need and proficiency of English graduates of Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University for designing pre-placement training and workshops
  10. Raghad Hakeem Mudheher and Rufaidah Kamal Abdulmajeed
    A Linguistic Analysis of the Last Words in Aircraft Black Boxes
  11. Abbas H. Al-Shammari
    Implementation of iPad Device in Kuwait Intermediate Schools
  12. Annie Mae C. Berowa and Eden Regala-Flores
    Toward an Inclusive Description of the Segmental Phonology of Philippine English
  13. Nuchwana Luanganggoon
    Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Teaching Practices in Thailand Higher Education
  14. Misnah Mannahali, Syamsu Rijal and Yusri
    Communicative Translation Method in Increasing Students’ Performance in Translation Class
  15. Muhammad Basri D., Andi Tenri Ampa and Sri Ramdayani
    A Needs Analysis of ESP Design for Pharmacy Students
  16. Andi Musdariah, Muhammad Basri and Qashas Rahman
    Lecturers’ Attitude on Blended Learning-Based Instruction in Teaching English for Business in Indonesian Vocational Higher Education
  17. Seham Elashhab
    A Study on Arabic Speaking Students’ Attitudes towards Group Work in the EFL Classroom
  18. Bagila Raikhan, Tolkyn Kalibekuly, Zhazira Tursynali, Raushan Jeldybayeva and Saule Sabigazina
    Terms of Kinship in Kazakh and Chinese Languages in the Context of Popular Gender Linguistics and Contrastive Analysis
  19. Mohammad Shariq
    Mobile Learning in Business English Course: Adoptability and Relevance to Saudi EFL Students’ Learning Styles
  20. Ehab S. Alnuzaili, Norah H. Banafi and Mohammed Shueai Damom
    Stress between Myth and Facts: A Unified Critique
  21. Sri Diana, M. Basri Wello and Baso Jabo
    An Analysis of Chemical Engineering Students’ Needs on Text Types and Reading Topics for English Reading Materials Development
  22. Fahad Saleh Suleiman Alfallaj
    The Function of L1 and L2 Working Memory (WM) in the Reading skill of Saudi EFL Learners

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