Volume 16 Issue 3.2 June 2020

| June 21, 2020

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  1. Expedito H. Malbago
    A Socio-Linguistic Study on the Language-Mapping of Zamboanga City
  2. Saniya G. Abirin
    Validity and Reliability Measures of Social Media-Based Mathematics Module in Bilingual Education Context
  3. Al-Ghani D. Mohammad
    Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and its Devolution, Governance and Impact on Development: A Critical Discourse Analysis in Mixed-Methods Design
  4. Rhea L. Mendoza
    Verbal English Fluency and Factors Affecting Social Relationships as Perceived among College Students at Western Mindanao State University
  5. Indira P. Concepcion
    Language Proficiency of Grade 12 Students in their Chosen Competency Skills
  6. Roel P. Borja
    Social Studies Teachers’ Cultural Competence and Senior Students’ Intercultural Sensitivity in Zamboanga City: An Ethnolinguistic Communicative Analysis
  7. Arnel R. Madrazo
    Validation and Consistency Measures of An Evaluation Survey Tool for a Technology Business Incubation Soft Skill Business Communication Module
  8. Rhea L. Mendoza
    Implication from English Proficiency, Socio-Economic, Socio-Demographic Variables and Some Motivating Factors on the Performance of Teachers in Zamboanga City and Basilan Secondary School Administrators
  9. Aileen Romano- Bucoy and Claire Agana-Madrazo
    Collaborative Language Learning, Academic Performance in English and English Language Proficiency Among Grade 10 Learners
  10. Saniya G. Abirin
    Social Media-Based Mathematics Module in a Bilingual Education Context: An Analysis of Its Utilization

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