Volume 15 Issue 1.1 June 2019

| May 24, 2019

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  1. Roger Nunn & David Young
  2. Tanju Deveci
    Frequently Occurring Words in Education Research Articles Written in English: A Preliminary List
  3. Rachael Ruegg
    Development of Reading Skills in an EAP Programme: A Longitudinal Study
  4. Zahra Alimorda
    Examining the Links Between Reading Research Findings, Iranian Teachers’ Perceptions of Reading Comprehension, and Their Actual Practice in ESP Courses
  5. Neslihan Onder-Ozdemir
    Developing a Questionnaire for Critical Needs Analysis in EAP
  6. Huang Ping & Feng Guo
    What Skills do College Students Require in the Workplace? A Research Study Based on Discursive Competence
  7. Serap Atasever Belli
    Linguistic Patterns in PhD Acknowledgements Written in Turkish and English
  8. Rezina Nazneen Rimi
    Code-Switching in Ads in Bangladesh and it Effects in Culture
  9. Paul McAleese
    Organizational and Interpersonal Aspects of Scientific Conference Presentations: A Comparison of US and Japanese Presenters
  10. Adrian Perez Semorlan
    Administration of Justice: Best Practices in Alternative Dispute Resolution through the Katarungan Pambarangay in Zamboanga City: A Linguistic Ethnography Approach
  11. Adrian Perez Semorlan
    Globalization of Bilingual Education in selected State Universities and Colleges in Southern Philippines


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