Volume 14 Issue 2 July 2018

| July 21, 2018

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  1. Ramon Medriano, Jr.
  2. Afif Rofii / Franscy
    The Development of Contextual-Based Textbook on Morphological Process in Faculty of Teachers Training and Education Batanghari University Jambi
  3. Amaluddin / Salasiah A / Mardiah
    Developing Teaching Model for Listening Comprehension by using Audio Visual Aids and Metacognitive Strategy
  4. Andrew Prosse
    Extended Metaphors: Educational Hypermedia, Instructional Design and Understanding the Metaphors Learners Use
  5. Aschawir Ali
    A Rasch Model Analysis to Measure the Students’ Narrative Writing Development
  6. Asma Al Aufi
    Online Exams: Benefits and Challenges Faced by Teachers and Learners
  7. Deby Irawan
    Developing Islamic English Reading Course Syllabus: Preserving Islamic Ideology and Strengthening Students’ Language Proficiency
  8. Desi Tri Cahyaningati
    Multimodal Text for Engineering Student
  9. Fhadzralyn L. Aidil-Karanain
    The Halo Effect of Native-Accented English Speakers among Tausug Children and Young Adult


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