Volume 17 Issue 3.1 March 2021

| March 12, 2021

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  1. Gibreel Sadeq Alaghbary
    Mobile-assisted Language Learning in Saudi College Education: Exploring Learners and Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices
  2. Hailah Alhujaylan
    Academic Vocabulary Acquisition in Web-Based Learning Environment
  3. Ahmed Aromaih
    Online Search Engines as Pedagogical Tools: Efficacy in Enhancing Learning Outcomes for Saudi EFL Learners
  4. Nguyen Van Thao, Herman, Eliza Rorezs Napitupulu, Nguyen Thi Hien, Hilman Pardede
    Code-Switching in Learning via Zoom Application: A Study in an EFL Context
  5. Dina Ampera, Yusuf Iskandar, Ahmad A.S. Tabieh,Zubair Ahmed Soomro
    The Role of Visuals in Cultural Learning in the EFL Classroom
  6. Abdulkareem Saji Alharbi
    Digital Terminology in Elementary EFL Textbooks: Exploring the Extent of Learner Exposure
  7. Saleh Alrasheedi
    Snapchat for English Language Learning in Saudi Arabia: A Mixed Methods Survey
  8. Ebtihal Saoud Abdullah Aldossary, Sultan Abdulaziz Albedaiwi
    Inclusion Level of Twenty-first-century Skills: Evaluation of English Language Textbooks for Intermediate Grade in Saudi Arabia
  9. Manssour Habbash
    Collaborative Learning and Learner Autonomy: A Study of Correlations with Undergraduates at University of Tabuk
  10. Mohammed AbdAlla AbdAlgane Mohammed
    Gendered Language: A Study of Sociolinguistic Theories and Approaches
  11. Sami Algouzi
    LINDSEI-AR: A Promising Spoken Learner Corpus for Interlanguage and Interdisciplinary Research
  12. Jannet R. Francsico, Esa H. Jumlail, Jr., Ludivina B. Dekit, and Guiamael A. Rasid
    The Implementation of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program Vis-A-Vis the Language Discordance among its Beneficiaries

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