Volume 17 Issue 2 February 2021

| February 25, 2021

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  1. Imam Yuwono, Dzul Rachman, Arbain, Andi Tenri Sompa and M. Najeri Al Syahrin
    Integration of Augmented Reality on Extensive Reading Courses
  2. Altynay Zhaitapova, Ulserik Orynbayeva, Aida Ussenova, Aiman Kamzina, Gulsan Mamyrbekova, Ayat Rakymbayev and Ardak Sembayeva
    Model of enhancing reflexive competence of the pre-service FL teachers in universities
  3. Iman Al-Khalidi
    Using the Triple E Framework as an Instructional Design Tool for the Assessment of Technology Integration in a Variety of TESOL Contexts
  4. Hussein Abdo Rababah
    Positive Discourse Analysis of the Prophet’s Sayings (Hadith): From the Ecolinguistics Perspectives
  5. Mahdi R. Aben Ahmed
    Teaching English for Professional Communication: Future Challenges, Developments and Implications
  6. Yongming Luo
    Rhetorical Approaches in Sir Winston Churchill’s Address to Joint Session of US Congress
  7. Mimouna Zitouni, Hamad Al-Traif, Bahia Zemni, Othman Saleh Mohammed and Mashael Aljasser
    Utilization of YouTube to Improve the Pronunciation Skill of Saudi Learners in Translation Departments
  8. Mian Shah Bacha, Tribhuwan Kumar, Bakht Sheema Bibi and Mehrunnisa M. Yunus
    Using English as a Lingua Franca in Pakistan: Influences and Implications in English Language Teaching (ELT)
  9. Mohanad Al Firas
    Investigation on EFL Students’ Engagement through Poll Everywhere Application during COVID-19 Phase in Gulf University
  10. Rasib Mahmood, Akhter Habib Shah and Iftikhar Alam
    Effect of Literary Discourse on Academic Writing Skills: An Overview of ESL Classroom
  11. Sakher Alazzam, Tengku Sepora and Debbita Tan
    Analysis of Jordanian EFL Students’ Expression of Disagreement via Speech Acts
  12. Ismat Jabeen, Ansa Hameed and Akhtar Habib Shah
    Operative Use of Sentence Connectors in English Writing Skills: An Experimental Study based on the Scaffolding Technique
  13. Mohamed Benhima, Shouket Ahmad Tilwani, Muhammad Asif and Ayesha Aslam
    The Factors behind Studying English for Academic Purposes
  14. Qasim Abbas Dhayef and Rasha Tareq Awad Al-Zubaidi
    Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Woman Representation in Iraqi Social Media Platforms
  15. Haifa Mohammad Nassar and Farooq A. AlTameemy
    The Impact of Written Peer Feedback on the Writing Skills of EFL University Students in Yemen
  16. Putri Maharani, Abdul Hakim Yassi and Fathu Rahman
    Remodelling Linguistic Rules for Ancient Manuscript Translation: A Review of Formal Correspondence and Its Impact on The Wedhatama Translation

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