July 2012

| July 1, 2012

July 2012
Summer Edition
Volume 8 Issue 2
PDF version


  1. Foreword. Professor Winnie Cheng
  2. Abdelgawad Ahmed Alastal and Munir Shuib. Investigating the Academic English Language Target Needs of Undergraduates at the Faculty of Applied Science at Al-Aqsa University:  Students’ Perceptions
  3. Freeman Chan and Julia Chen. An Impact Study on Alignment of Biomedical Engineering ESP with Content Subjects
  4. Peter Crompton. Characterising Hedging in Undergraduate Essays by Middle Eastern Students
  5. Michael P. Johnson. Examining EFL Motivation in JapaneseEngineering Students
  6. Takashi Matsuzawa. Action Research: Using Narrow Listening to Improve Listening Comprehension for Business Teleconferencing
  7. Sasikala Nallaya. Overcoming English Proficiency Challenges through  Needs Assessment

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