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Foreword April 2011 Volume 7 Issue 2

| April 1, 2011

April 2011 Volume 7 Issue 2 PDF Version Foreword Welcome to the Spring 2011 issue of The Asian ESP Journal Spring! It is our pleasure to publish six selected papers that have comprehensively and usefully examined a range of ESP-related topics ranging from vocabulary comprehension and learning (Zahra Akbari), literature review of validity arguments of IELTS’s listening modules […]

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Foreword January 2011 Volume 7 Issue 1

| January 1, 2011

January 2011 Volume 7 Issue 1 PDF Version Foreword The teaching of Business English has had a history of over 50 years in China. A milestone event in its history was the accreditation of the Business English program at the University of International Business and Economics as an undergraduate program by the Ministry of Education of […]

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Volume 6 Issue 2 October 2010

| October 1, 2010

October 2010 Autumn Edition Volume 6 Issue 2 PDF Version Foreword by Winnie Cheng A.R. Jalilifar. The Status of Theme in Applied Linguistics Articles Chun-Chun Yeh. Citation Practices in TESL Research Articles: A Comparative Study Goudarz Alibakhshi, Gholam Reza Kiani & Ramin Akbari. Authenticity in ESP/EAP Selection Tests Administered at Iranian Universities Mohammad Mehdi Soleimani. The impact of personality traits […]

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May 2010 Special Edition – 2009 Conference Proceedings – Chonqing University, China

| May 1, 2010

May 2010 Special Edition 2009 Conference Proceedings Chonqing University China PDF Version Index Foreword. By Dr. Paul Robertson and Prof. Roger Nunn Ping Huang. Where are we ESP Practitioners?– A Report of the First International Conference “ESP in Asia.” Nunn, Roger. Aspects of a Model for Analyzing Competent Academic Texts in ESP Cheng, Winnie. Using a Specialised Corpus of Engineering […]

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Volume 6 Issue 1 April 2010

| April 1, 2010

April 2010 Volume 6 Issue 1 PDF Version Foreword by Winnie Cheng Atef Saleh Al-Tamimi & Munir Shuib. Investigating the English Language Needs of Petroleum Engineering Students at Hadhramout University of Science and Technology Yanling Hwang & Siouzih Lin. A Study of Medical Students’ Linguistic Needs in Taiwan Carmel Heah & Sujata S Kathpalia. Integrating Product, […]

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Volume 5 Issue 2 August 2009

| August 1, 2009

August 2009 Volume 5 Issue 2 PDF Version Foreword by Winnie Cheng Philippa Mungra. Conceptual Metaphors in Academic Medical Research Articles Md. Momtazur Rahman, Thang Siew Ming, Mohd Sallehhundin Abd Aziz, & Norizan Abdul Razak. Needs Analysis for Developing an ESP Writing Course for Foreign Postgraduates in Science and Technology at National University of Malaysia Mark Brierley & […]

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Book Review – Building a validity argument for the test of English as a foreign language

| May 1, 2009

May 2009 Volume 5 Issue 1 Article 7. PDF File Book Review Chapelle, C.A., Enright, M.K., Jamieson, J.M. (Eds.) (2008). Building a validity argument for the test of English as a foreign language. New York: Routledge. 370 pp. $ 41.30 (paperback). ISBN 10: 0-8058-5456-8. Reviewed by Seyed Vahid Aryadoust Biodata Seyed Vahid Aryadoust is a PhD candidate in […]

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Volume 5 Issue 1 May 2009

| May 1, 2009

May 2009 Volume 5 Issue 1 PDF Version Foreword by Damian J. Rivers Michael Lessard-Clouston. Definitions in Theology Lectures: Implications for Vocabulary Learning Yi-Ching Huang. A Case Study of Teacher’s English Learning Abul-Qasim Avand. Using Translation and Reading Comprehension of ESP Learners Jianying Du, Huazhong. Content and Language in Tertiary Education in China: A Case Study in Wuhan Law Tong […]

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Volume 4 Issue 2 August 2008

| August 1, 2008

Foreword by Tatiana Slobodina

Damian Rivers. – English as an International Business Language (EIBL): The need for an increase in theoretical and practical research focusing on written business communications across cultural boundaries in relation to multinational corporate language selection.
Julian Gimenez. – Academic Writing in Nursing: Genres, Marking Criteria and Course Design
David Dalton. – The Foreign Language Engineering Writer – What Makes a Readable Memo Report?
Davud Kuhi. – An Analysis of the Move Structure of Textbook Prefaces
Ya-fen Lo and Chuen-maan Sheu. – The Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of an English Tour Guide Project

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Volume 4 Issue 1 April 2008

| April 1, 2008

April 2008 Volume 4 Issue 1 PDF Version Foreword by Theron Muller Peter Sampson. Using Discourse Analysis to Prepare Learners forOverseas University Study Le Cheng, King Kui Sin and Jian Li. A Discursive Approach to Legal Texts: Court Judgments  as an Example Anil Pathak. Deconstructing the Textbook Myth: Using Discourse-DisordersAnalysis for Job Interview Training Zahra Amirian, ZohrehKassaian and Mansoor […]

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